Chandler on Diamond G's -67
(Hurricane, Utah 1998)
Chandler on Slash C's Wild
Child (Nephi, Utah 1999)
Longhorn E Rodeo was founded in 2002 by Chandler East.
While riding bulls Chandler gained a great respect for the rank bucking bulls, and always followed the
genetics of them.
Chandler got into the beef cattle business at the age of 14 but all he could do was dream about raising
bucking bulls . . . it wasn't until 2002 that the dream became true when he purchased two weanling
bucking bred heifers.
While riding bull's he got on a bull #20 King Tut when he asked the contractor what bull it was the
contractor described him as "the plummer bull" at that point in time Chandler was unaware of the
"plummer line" of cattle ... but needless to say the "plummer bull" won the match and from that point in
time he was hooked on this "plummer line" of cattle.
Chandler started with plummer cross cattle and has mixed it up with Kish and Naccaratto bloodlines since
the inception of Longhorn E Rodeo in 2002.
Chandler runs all of the cattle on a farm in Reese, Utah located around 12 miles west of Ogden, Utah that
has been in the East family for over 100 years. He is dedicated to putting the best bulls on the best cow's,
but believes that the cow is the deciding factor on the product!
If you are ever around the Reese area and would like to stop by for a visit Chandler is glad to "talk bull"
with you.
Chandler & Cami East