#392 CE's Pix for Free
ABBI# 10159064
#392 is going to be a big leggy bull. He has been bucked twice the first trip we had a camera malfunction and the
second was at a yearling futurity where he performed well just lost his feet.

I feel as though he will be a contender at the futurity and classic level. He is EID tagged.
His sire and grandsire were both PBR Finals short go bulls, and his maternal grandsire was a PBR/PRCA bull!!
DOB: May 2nd, 2013
#362 CE's Rodeo Romeo
#B1 Honky Cat
Hargis Breeding
#220 Will Call
#275 Almighty Whitey
DOB: April 20th, 2013
#362 is built like a tank and will be a bull that will take the hauling.
He has been bucked once and shows promise he just needs to figure out the game.
His sire was a PBR Finals bull who was hauled from coast to coast and even bucked in Hawaii, Alaska, and
Mexico. I think he is going to be more of a classic bull but with a few more trips everything could change!!!
ABBI# 10159066
#81 Russell 81
#020 Cow Pix
#03 Shotgun Red
#927 CE's Freckles
#711C Crowther's Slim Fit
#275 Almighty Whitey
ABBI# 10159998
#312 CE's Live Action Jackson
#329 Houdini
#392 PC 392
#310 West Coast Charlie
#275 Almighty Whitey
#127 is is wired for 220 this guy wants to do everything as fast as he can, the video of  his first trip doesn't do
justice to how much snap and kick he had!! He
has been bucked twice once in the video shown and the second
at  a yearling futurity, he lost his feet and fell on his side at the event he needs to mature and then look out.

He is a bit small but has really grown the last few months.
DOB: June 30th, 2013
#J609 Wildcat Blaine
#627 CE's Final Call
#127 CE's I'm no Charlie's Angel
#75 LC 75 "Chester"