All the bulls listed on this page have sired cattle owned by Longhorn E Rodeo Genetics
either through live cover or AI
#109 Dr. Love is the main bloodline on most of the female's at Longhorn E Rodeo Genetics.
He throws big solid boned cows that are great mother cows. #109 is turning out to be a great producer, he has
had several son's place well at Classics and Futurities, click
HERE and HERE see some #109 son's in action!
Owned by L Lazy 3 Rodeo Bulls
#220 Will Call
#R8 Copen. Kish aka Roddy Brown
Kish Bull
Oscar Daughter
#803 Red Balley
#20 Too Legit
Don Kish Breeding
#220 Will Call is a retired PRCA bucking bull.
His sire R8 was an NFR / PBR Finals bull, that is turning out to be a great producer
His dam #803 is a Too Legit daughter Too Legit is also the sire to NFR / PBR Finals Bull Real Deal and Ugly
#220 is a full brother to 05 NFR bull #119 Iron Will who was rode for 93.5 pts by Bryan Richardson at the NFR
Owned by Rockin F Ranches LLC
BRO Chevy All Star Bull
#66 Big Mama
Wyche Breeding
Wyche Breeding
Plummer Breeding
Plummer Breeding
NFR / PBR Finals Bull
NFR Bull
#999 Crook
Smokin Joe
CP Breeding
CP Breeding
#999 Crook came straight off of the Rocking K (Kephart) Ranch, where he was also used as a breed bull.
#999 was a good solid hauling bull. He is sired by Smokin Joe who came straight off of the Charlie Plummer
Ranch, and is out of an original Charlie Plummer cow, unfortunately that was prior to the ABBI so there is no DNA
on either of those, but that is how Rosemary "Kephart" Rice described his breeding.
He has sired atleast one calf that has sold for a five figure amount. Owned by L Lazy 3 Rodeo Bulls.
#109 Dr. Love
#100 Superbull
#35 was purchased as a weanling bull, and kept till the summer of 07. #35 was sired by a PRCA bucking bull that
was hauled by Dan Russell, and out of a grandaughter of the legendary #161 White Sport Coat. We bucked #35
around 8 times. The last few times we bucked him he really fired, and would turn back either way.
The last report that I have received on this bull is that he is turning out to be a great bull, and is throwing off some
top hands. Thanks to CT Rodeo out of Malta, ID on the purchase of this great bull.
#35 Little Big Man
Kephart Breeding
Kephart Breeding
#5 Annie Oakley
#6LH Butlers Cuff Links
L Lazy 3 Breeding
ABBI# 10051458
CP Breeding
#711C Crowther's Slim Fit
#22 Frosty Blue
Crowther's Breeding
#711C Slim Fit was a PRCA / PBR bucking bull. he was hauled from coast to coast and proved to be a road warrior.
He has been rode for 90 pts, and has bucked off NFR/PBR qualifiers such as Billy Robinson, Rob Bell, Jason
Legler, and Clint Craig.
#711C was used on cows from 2006 to 2010, and has been providing some good stock!!!